What is Space Spine Manipulation?

The importance of the spine in overall health

1. According to the theory of Oriental Medicine, the skeleton and the head is formed from the qi flowing along the dokmaek meridian of the embryo when the mother is 6.5 months pregnant.

2. Internal organs of the human body is maintained by the skeletal structures of the human body. Skeletal structures allow the organs to perform metabolic functions and the organs supply calcium and phosphorus to the bones. The bones provide a place for the production of blood cells, and muscle attachment sites.

3. The spine protects the spinal cord, operate and supports the skull, performs the ability to absorb shock and provides flexibility to the vertebra column.

4. Brain functions are affected by cerebral blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid and in the metabolism of the brain. Especially brain is protected by the buffering action in the CSF from the external traumatic shocks.

5. In the theory of Oriental medicine, Lack of bone marrow not only declines the memory but, is also the fundamental cause of disease.

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The aim of Space Spine Manipulation is to harden and straighten the vertebral column and spine through different types of manipulation techniques, especially hammering and stretching.

Hammering technique used in Space Spine Manipulation

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